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Stephen Cunningham

Stephen is a behind-the-scenes technical supervisor with 34 years of experience across the industry. As well as being a recording producer, TV balance and guarantee engineer, he’s overseen studio installations, systems integration and trained other professionals in equipment usage. During an extraordinarily varied career in the industry, he’s also been a recording and touring musician with internationally renowned bands such as Lindisfarne and The Proud Ones.

At the age of 14, Stephen was already working as a professional musician on the famed northern club circuit, before moving to Prism studios, where he worked on audio recording, video editing and tape slide production as well as composing new music for use on their projects. 

In 1989, while working as an album producer and engineer for legendary North East band Lindisfarne, he was asked to join the band as bass player, embarking on a world tour and playing numerous  gigs and festivals across the globe, including a benefit gig In Minsk for the children of the Chernobyl disaster, as well as a recently re-released TV special and the renowned Lindisfarne Christmas Shows. After leaving Lindisfarne, he formed the hugely successful country band The Proud Ones, enjoying acclaim both at home and in the USA. As well as being the producer, bass player and composer for the band, Stephen acted as tour manager for gigs worldwide.

Both sides of the mic

2015 saw the start of Cookin’ In The Kitchen, a half-hour music program for Made TV and DC Coast to Coast USA. Stephen presents and produces the programme with his team, also acting as an audio dubbing engineer of the finished product. The popular show has seen interviews and performances from up and coming and established artists from all over the UK, Italy, Ireland. USA and is well loved by performers and audiences for its relaxed atmosphere and unique opportunity to showcase songs in a stripped-down and informal environment.

In 1998, Stephen began working for God TV, beginning 20-year association with the channel that would take him all over the world to many challenging locations to work on a number of innovative projects, including documentaries on humanitarian relief and the building of a groundbreaking water drill in Africa. While working in Africa, he also documented the building of new orphanages in some of the most poverty-stricken places in the world. While at the station, he worked on post-production, studio recording, outside broadcast of live events, as well as locational sound and video recording. Stephen oversaw the installation of studios abroad and at home for GodTV, often starting from an empty building to a fully working studio complete with trained staff. During this time Stephen also spent a year as a lecturer on sound and production at Middlesbrough College, helping young people get a start in the industry. 

In 2012, Stephen founded Boomchang Records, a music label showcasing independent songwriters and performers. Acting as producer and engineer for the artists’ recordings, he also frequently performs and composes with the musicians, adding his expertise and experience to achieve their full potential. The label’s catalogue continues to grow and develop, with many of the recordings garnering excellent reviews.