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System Integration

Visionary Facilitator

From an empty building to a fully functioning studio, Stephen has overseen studio installations from Newcastle to Napal.

Taking a dream and turning it into a reality. In 2019 Steve was asked to think about a solution to take fly-packed tv equipment and make 2 fully functioning OB Busses with a support vehicle.

Bus 1

  • 6-8 Cameras CCU RCP controlled
  • Video Switcher
  • Graphics
  • Video playback facility
  • Audio 64 Basic
  • Intercom solution 2/4 wire integrated into Bus 2 for link up or
  • stand alone
  • Streaming Facility

Bus 2

  • 4-6 Cameras CCU RCP controlled
  • Video Switcher
  • Graphics
  • Audio Playback
  • Audio 124 Comprehensive
  • Intercom 2 wire integrated into Bus 1 for link up or stand alone
  • Streaming Facility

In 2020 Steve reached out to several builders who he worked with over the years to start to get a handle on design installation and coachwork costs to facilitate this dream. He settled on a company in Holland who had a great background in Outside Broadcast unit builds and studio installation. The plans and timelines along with a coordinated list of goods for shipping was created with a small team from both countries.
At the hight of a Global lockdown due to Corvid restrictions meeting the timelines became a huge challenge, personnel to travel was restricted between countries so getting the vehicles that were bought in Norway transport to Holland was a slight stumbling block. An interesting solution was found at the hight of corvid most transport companies for shipping would not take on the Job however, Remco (Dutch coordinator) had a friend that delivered flowers on a huge transporter to Norway weekly he went full came back empty. We were able to fit 2 of the 3 busses on 1 shipping so that allowed the work to be carried out on time and more importantly on budget.
As in all, the project to fulfil someone’s vision there will be bumps, grinds and obstacles along the way along with visions adapting and changing in the process. Steve has found with his vast experience a way of dealing with these and the worldwide connections he has collated he has found there’s always a solution to most problems.


As well as training other professionals on equipment usage Stephen also lectured on Sound and Production at both Middlesbrough College and Sunderland University, providing students with the building blocks to advance in the AV industry.

H&S Risk Assessment

A seasoned professional, Stephen is well versed in contributing too, and working within the most exacting health & safety requirments while implimenting watertight method statements to ensure the highest level of production standards.

PL/PI Insurance

With a proven track record of faultless implementation, Stephen provides £12m public liability and professional indemnity insurance cover. Certificate of cover and schedule available upon request.